Industrial Vacuums

Using an industrial vacuum for the cleaning of the workplace is good practice as this directly removes the dust or liquid. Using the traditional brush and collection pan for cleaning dust is not a recommended practice as this agitates the dust which can then enter the employees breathing zone and spread the dust over a greater distance.

LEV Services Limited are distributors of the Nilfisk-CFM range of Industrial Vacuums. The continuous developments by Nilfisk-CFM have made them among the leading manufacturers in the field, with heavy duty robust build quality and excellent reliability these vacuums are ready for every Industrial application.

Centralised Vacuum systems

Nilfisk-CFM manufacture centralised vacuum systems, these consist of a vacuum unit and a series of pipes which can be mounted anywhere in the workshop. Materials can therefore be collected anywhere and even simultaneously in different places, with the vacuum unit located in a convenient area.

Industrial Vacuums

Nilfisk-CFM manufacture a wide range of vacuums to suit every industry, including engineering, building, food and clean room environments. The vacuums are available in various power supplies; single phase, three phase and compressed air. With models for the collection of fluids, dusts or a combination of both, HEPA / ULPA filtration and even ATEX certified vacuums there is always a cleaning solution.

Wood Dust Exposure Video

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